Authentic Hawaiian Luau

Groups on Island excursion will not want to miss this wonderful, colorful and lively traditional Hawaiian feast – no first trip to the Islands would be complete without experiencing the extravagance of true Island hospitality! Most luau are catered towards visitors, so round up your pals, slip on your flip flops and come, expecting a truly grand celebration of rich Island culture, delicious food, and thrilling entertainment. You’ll feast on a magnificent Hawaiian spread of succulent kalua pig (pork slow cooked in a traditional pit oven), yummy lau lau, (beef, pork, chicken, or fish wrapped in sturdy taro leaves), hearty poi (Polynesian staple starch made of taro) and delicious haupia – a sweet coconut pudding dessert. Lose yourself in the seductive Island rhythms as hula dancers tell beautiful stories of Hawaiiana with their elegant, graceful movements and the scent of burning torches and plumeria fills the night air. Many luau highlight greater Polynesia by featuring skilled Samoan fire dancers and mesmerizing Tahitian dancers with long flowing hair and leied necks; brave guests may even find themselves doing the hula in front of the entire luau crowd!

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