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Geppi's Entertainment Museum Display

Credit: Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

When your group is in Baltimore, you should consider visiting Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. The exhibitions center on the theme of pop culture. The group can also walk around the museum as part of the experience.


The exhibits at the museum are both fascinating and unique. One of the exhibitions is known as Pioneer Baltimore Heroes. At the exhibit, you and your group mates will learn about individuals and groups that have played the role of making the city what it is today. There is another exhibit which is known as Extra Extra. The theme of the exhibit focuses on entertainment characters from 1776 to the year 1927. A Story in Four Colors is also known as the comic book library. Guests will have the opportunity to see a fascinating collection of comic books. Group members will discover how the entertainment characters depicted in these books influenced the development of pop culture. There is also an exhibit which is known as When Heroes Unite. The exhibition focuses on the characters that made the hard times easier from 1928 to 1945. You can learn about characters such as Mickey Mouse and Superman.


Another interesting exhibit is called America Tunes in. The exhibit focuses on television from 1946 to 1960. Group members will learn about the peanut gallery, the old west and deep space.
Television also brought world events into the homes of many people. In the course of the same period of time, the beat of America changed when rock and roll took the nation’s youth by storm.

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