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When your group takes a trip to Baltimore, you should spend some time checking out the Maryland Science Center. It is located at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Visitors can check out fascinating exhibits, participate in Science Encounters, visit the Planetarium or view a film at the IMAX Theater.


The exhibits at the Maryland Science Center are both entertaining and educational. One of the exhibits is known as Cells: The Universe Inside Us. You will zoom into your own body and see the different cells that make up your heart, brain and bones. These cells communicate with each other every moment of our lives. Another exhibit is known as Follow the Blue Crab. The exhibit contains live Maryland crustaceans and their fellow Chesapeake citizens. You can check out the giant mechanical blue crab, live terrapins, crabs, and native fish. Newton’s Alley is another fascinating exhibit where guests will experience physical science in a unique way. You will have the opportunity to pull yourself up to the stars in a chair, play a string-less harp, see sound, and touch a cloud. There are hands-on interactive displays for group members to explore.


If you want an up close and personal science encounter, the Maryland Science Center is the place to visit. The team can witness live hair-raising science experiments on the Demo Stage, view Global changes on a 3-dimentional sphere at Science on a Sphere, and encounter the night sky in all its glory on the rooftop observatory. On the Demo Stage, Science Center presenters demonstrate the wonders of scientific phenomena. Visitors are invited to ask questions and help with the demonstrations.

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