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National Aquarium Exterior

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While your group is in Baltimore, you should spend some time checking out the National Aquarium. There are over 17,000 animals. Visitors can explore exhibits and participate in fun activities. There are animals such as sharks, rays, dolphins and tropical fish.


The exhibits at the aquarium are both entertaining and educational. One of the exhibits is known as the Blacktip Reef. Visitors will have the opportunity to check out 779 animals from various vantage points. The exhibit has animals such as blacktip reef sharks, tasseled wobbegongs and a 500-pound green sea turtle. It replicates Indo-Pacific reefs. Another interesting exhibit is the Dolphin Discovery exhibit. It is the aquarium’s largest exhibit and was established in 1990. The exhibit is home to a colony of eight bottlenose dolphins. Guests will get a glimpse into the daily life of a dolphin. You will see how they learn, how they play and how they interact with each other. You can chat with a marine mammal expert about a variety of topics. The expert will discuss topics such as what it’s like to care for, teach, and build relationships with these amazing animals.


If your group wants to go behind the scenes to interact with the animals, the National Aquarium is the place to visit. You can have an encounter with the dolphins, get up close to sharks, or go behind the scenes and look at the exhibit known as Pacific Coral Reef. The group will have the opportunity to learn about what it takes to care for 17,000 animals and exhibits. There are also art classes for the dolphins.

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