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The Baltimore and Ohio railroad museum is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The location contains a store and various collections for visitors to enjoy. It possesses the oldest, most historic and the most comprehensive American railroad collections in the world. Featured collections include: locomotives and rolling stock, Hays T. Watkins archives, the restoration facility, and small objects and artifacts. The locomotives and rolling stock collection contains several unique examples of historically significant pieces from the B & O and other Maryland railroads. It includes the finest collection of 19th century steamed locomotives. The small objects and artifacts collection covers almost every aspect of railroading. It includes the following: clocks, pocket watches, textiles, lanterns, dining car china, silver, fine art, communication devices, signals, shop equipment, as well as an assortment of tools and artifacts used on historic occasions. The Museum also contains the Alex Brown and Sons Exhibition Gallery. It contains permanent and rotating exhibitions on significant aspects of railroading. Featured exhibits include: The Smithsonian institution’s collection of railroad models, the War Came by Train, and About Time. The War Came by Train collection features rare artifacts from both public and private collections that tell poignant stories of the soldiers and civilians who kept the railroad running despite some remarkable challenges. Visitors will enjoy these collections and learning about this very famous time in history.

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