Baltimore Zoo

The Baltimore Zoo is fun and exciting for guests of all ages. The location offers behind-the-scenes tours to interested groups. There are also guest services along with food and refreshments. Featured tours include: Giraffe House, rock island, rhino barn, polar bear watch, and the Presidents Tour. The Giraffe House contains Maryland Zoo’s herd of reticulated giraffe, as well as okapi. During the tour, visitors will walk through the keeper area and also spend time visiting and possibly feeding the animal through the many viewing windows. Keepers will give an explanation of how the animals are managed and cared for, what makes the species special and unique, and their status in the wild. As part of this experience, guests will learn about the okapi, which is a unique creature that is a close relative of the giraffe. Polar Bear Watch is home to polar bear, raven, arctic fox, and snowy owl. During this encounter, participants will walk through the polar bear building and look at the kitchen and food preparation area, the video surveillance stations, and the bear dens. The keepers will explain how the animals are managed and cared for, and their status in the wild. The rhino barn is home to southern white rhino, common zebra, and also the ostrich. Guests will walk through the zebra area and observe keepers conducting training sessions. You may get the chance to interact during these demonstrations. Visit this one-of-a-kind attraction on your trip to Maryland!

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