Belmont Park

This historic seaside amusement park with a nostalgic beach boardwalk/midway vibe located in the Mission Bay area of sunny San Diego saw its debut in 1925; two of its original rides continue to operate: the Giant Dipper, a classic wooden roller coaster and “The Plunge,” Southern California’s largest indoor swimming pool that actually contained salt water back in the day! Modern attractions Flow Rider and Flow Barrel recreate totally awesome surfing conditions; Sky Climb, a 30 foot rock wall course encourages climbers of all abilities to stretch their limbs and test their skills. Take the Vertical Plunge, conquer the Control Freak and customize your own dizzying “spin” on Octotron; classic amusements like the Libery Carousel, Tilt-a-Whirl and Speedway Bumper Cars tickle your taste for retro fun! Tiki Town Adventure Golf invites the pros among you to hone their skills; Sky Ropes – a swinging obstacle course challenge through the tops of towering palm trees is definitely not for the shrinking violet. The better-than-ever arcade invites you to get your game on while familiar midway challenges with all the traditional trappings taunt you to step right up and test your skills. Plenty of good ol’ amusement park fare-fresh-squeezed lemonade and killer corndogs, the best funnel cakes around, hand-dipped caramel apples and homemade fudge, succulent rooftop sushi and quintessentially classic café and grill menus ensure your gregarious group on Southern California excursion a well-fueled Belmont Park playdate!

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