New England Aquarium

sea turtle swimming at New England Aquarium

Credit: B Skerry

The New England Aquarium is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The location is a popular attraction seeing 1.3 million visitors each year. It was opened in 1969. Several exhibits are featured at the New England Aquarium for visitors to experience! Some of these include: the Amazon Rainforest, the Atlantic Harbor Seals, the Blue Planet Center, the Coral Reef Center, and the Giant Ocean Tank. Other areas include: Gulf of Maine, Hands-on Areas, the Marine Mammal Center, and Pacific Reef Community. There are a variety of interesting animal exhibits including the following: Seadragons and the Shark and Ray Touch Tank. Presentations and shows are also available for visitors to observe. The aquarium also contains a variety of different animals including: African Penguins, the California Sea lion, a Cownose Ray, the Giant Pacific Octopus, Green Anaconda, a Green Sea Turtle, and the Leafy Sea dragon just to name a few. The group is sure to have an awesome experience examining the different exhibits!

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