Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The location is a welcoming environment for visitors of all ages. While visiting, you can hear the unforgettable roar of a lion, stand inches from a gorilla, and meet many other animals! Exhibit areas include: Tropical Forest, Giraffe Savanna, Kalahari Kingdom, Serengeti Crossing, Tiger Tales, Franklin Farm, Outback Trail, Bird’s World, Aussie Aviary, and Butterfly Landing. The tropical rainforest is an innovative and intimate indoor exhibit that gives guests a chance to stand face-to-face with Franklin Park Zoo’s eight western lowland gorillas at one of five glass viewing stations. Other species featured include: mandrills, ocelots, ring-tailed lemurs, Baird’s, tapirs, a pygmy hippopotamus as well as dozens of free-flight birds. There are other fun attractions at the Franklin Park Zoo including the Rhino Rescue motion simulator and the 10,000 foot playground. The Rhino Rescue motion simulator ride is set in Africa. You will be on a high-speed chase alongside park rangers in their pursuit of poachers. You will encounter elephants, wildebeest and other wildlife while on the adventure to rescue and reunite a baby rhino with his mother.

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