Mary Baker Eddy Library

The Mary Baker Eddy Library is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was named after Mary Baker Eddy, a teacher, author, religious leader, and business woman. Visitors will find exhibits and other fascinating information. Exhibits include the following: the Mapparium, the Hall of Ideas, Transcending Boundaries, Quest Gallery, Mary Baker: An Extraordinary Life, Peace Flag, and the Press Gallery. The Mapparium is a world-famous three-story stained-glass globe is one of the key attractions featured at the library. Its three-dimensional perspective of the world of 1935 is enhanced by a world of ideas, which is an original presentation that features a rich orchestration of words, music, and LED lights to illustrate how ideas have traversed time and geography and have changed the world. The Hall of Ideas is a neoclassical hall built in 1934. It is an original work of art created by acclaimed glass sculptor Howard Ben Tre which serves as the centerpiece of this grand hall. The cast glass and bronze sculpture acts like a fountain of constantly changing quotations from some of history’s most influential. thinkers. State-of-the-art computer programming is used to project both words and ideas throughout the Hall of ideas. The quotes begin by bubbling up from the center of the basin of water in the fountain, then flow around the rim toward observers, and finally overflow onto the floor and up the walls onto scrims.

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