Museum of Science & Omni Theater

The Museum of Science and Omni Theater has a location in Boston, Massachusetts. Visitors will find exhibits, IMAX Films, Planetarium Shows, 4-D Films, a Simulator Experience, Live Presentations, and Drop-in Activities. The museum also contains a store. Exhibits featured include the following: A Bird’s World, Beyond the X-Ray, Bradford Washburn: The Man Behind the Lens, Butterfly Garden, Cahners Computer Place, Catching the Wind, Conserve Home, Cosmic Light, and Dinosaurs: Modeling Mesozoic just to name a few. Beyond the X-ray explores some of the many non-invasive ways doctors look into the human body. Visitors will walk among the free-flying residents in a warm conservatory that is filled with exotic plants in the Butterfly Garden. The museum offers live presentations daily. Presentations for all ages include: Nanotechnology, Afternoon Report, Incredible Energy, Lightning, and a Live Animal Presentation. The Nanotechnology presentation focuses on how Nanotechnology is transforming medicine, computing, energy, biological imaging, consumer products, and environmental stewardship. The Incredible Energy presentation uses projectiles, explosions, and brain-racking pendulums to illustrate energy’s many forms.

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