California Science Center

California Science Center building

Credit: Discover Los Angeles

While your adult group is in Los Angeles, you should spend some time at the California Science Center. The team can see interesting exhibits, participate in educational programs, and watch a film in the IMAX Theater. The location is a fun attraction for you to learn about science. The exhibitions at the California Science Center are informative and interactive. You will have hands-on experiences at the different galleries. Participants will find galleries such as the Ecosystems Gallery, the Creative World Gallery, the World of Life Gallery, and Air and Space Exhibits. The Ecosystems Gallery consists of eight zones that represent different environments. Guests will find zones such as the Extreme Exhibits Zone, the Forest Zone, the River Zone, and the Island Zone. In the Forest Zone, group members can explore the kelp forest and also learn about the various life forms in an ecosystem. In the World of Life Gallery, members of the group will have the opportunity to examine how people, plants, animals, and the tiniest cells all perform the same processes in order to survive. The group can enjoy live shows and presentations as part of the experience. There is a series of shows known as Science Spectacular. The presentations are 15-20 minutes long. They cover various scientific topics. Visitors will learn about topics such as chemical reactions, kelp forest biology, and nanoscience. There are programs and activities that can be customized to fit your group’s specific scientific desire. Visitors of all ages will enjoy this fun scientific museum.

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