Cape Cod Mall

It’s a lazy, salt-hazy Cape afternoon; you’ve got big plans tomorrow so tonight will be a low-key kind of evening. Your travel group has bellied up to the table at your new favorite outdoor cafe, and you’ve just emptied your huge bowl of chowder, popped the last stray oyster cracker into your mouth and talk has turned to dessert. Then it dawns on you, your favorite, cozy sweatpants for later are miles away, back home-folded but forgotten-along with that crisp, new paperback you grabbed for your trip-on your bed! You freeze, for a moment, clenching your crumpled napkin, crinkling your straw paper and flicking at a crumb: What to do? Where does one go on Cape Cod for…sweatpants? Everyone forgets things in the excitement of packing; but you are not without options! Walk off that delightfully late lunch and track down something to satisfy that sweet tooth at the Cape Cod Mall, a regional favorite of locals and visitors alike! Conveniently located in the heart of the Hyannis retail district, and just the right size to offer a little of everything you’d expect from a stop at your favorite mega-center but in a slightly downsized resort-town venue! Browse Barnes and Noble for another beach-blanket read and a little you-time; duck into the cinema for a flick and let your food settle. You’ll find plenty of your of old favorites in addition to anchor store Macy’s: Marshalls, Hot Topic, Sephora, J. Crew, Hollister, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Gap, Banana Republic, Pac Sun, Wet Seal, AE Outfitters-the mall is home to nearly 100 shops and eateries-all open 10 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday and 11 am to 6 pm Sundays-plenty of fabulously familiar places to locate those sweats and a few other things you might want for your seaside adventure getaway! Careful-you could easily find yourself staying until dinnertime! No worries! Full service cafes and restaurants, in addition to a 400-seat food court will cater to all craves: Time for Thai? Missing Mexican? Prefer pizza? You’ll find it all-at Cape Cod Mall!

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