Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory

What’s not to love about a simple, relatively quick yet comprehensive, self-guided fun tour…of a Potato Chip Factory offering delicious free sample bags? Over 250,000 visitors a year visit The Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory to learn the salty history and witness firsthand the step-by-step creation of these *Ridiculously Good Potato Chips!* The Chip Factory’s journey to potato chip fame and fortune had its humble beginnings back in 1980 when the dream of two small Cape Cod business owners turned into reality once they opened shop in a small storefront in Hyannis to sell the fantastic homestyle chips they’d cooked in their kitchen for years. The hearty crunch of the fabulous snacks cooked in small batches in real custom kettles soon became a mad crave amongst the locals and visitors alike-news spread like wildfire as tourists returned home with bags of the delightfully tasty and naturally noisy treats to share with family and friends. It wasn’t long before the chip business outgrew the cozy storefront, and a world-wide love affair with Cape Cod Potato Chips began! The Chip Factory Tour is now one of the area’s top attractions and details, from farm field to table, how these out of this world chips are made! Open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, tours are FREE…and if complimentary sample bags aren’t enough, the gift shop and store offers visitors the opportunity to broadcast their chip love with tees, beach totes or chairs, mugs, fun buckets, coolers and tons of other must-have CCPC branded merchandise- as well as as many additional bags of chips as you can carry!

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