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Capitol Building Exterior

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The United States Capitol is located in Washington, D.C. This iconic building is a part of Capitol Hill. This location is a must-see for your adult group! There are a variety of activities and tours available for visitors. Some of the tours include: Capitol and The Congress During the Civil War tour, North Brumindi Corridor, the Exhibition Hall Family Program, and the War of 1812. The Capitol and the Congress During the Civil War features the following: explore how the Capitol was used during the Civil War, critical debates that took place during the War and also key judicial decisions that were made during the time period. The Exhibition Hall Family Program is a 20 minute tour that involves understanding historical documents and artifacts. Through stories and objects, explore and learn how congress and the Capitol have changed in conjunction with the country over time. The Brumindi Corridor is a special tour offered allowing visitors the opportunity to view the ornate paintings on the walls and ceilings. These were designed by Constantino Brumidi and are located on the first floor in the Senate Wing of the Capitol.

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