Billy Graham Library

If your adult group is interested in learning about Billy Graham, you can visit the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC. Visitors will have the opportunity to take a journey to explore the
40,000 square foot area and discover the life and legacy of America’s pastor. During your visit, your group can enjoy the tranquil environment in the Memorial Prayer Garden, browse the Ruth Attic Bookstore, tour the Graham Family Homeplace, and enjoy some delicious food at the Dairy Bar. The building is shaped like a barn and it is situated on 20 landscaped acres. As part of the experience, you can take a journey of faith where your group will retrace Billy Graham’s dynamic journey. You will learn information through interactive kiosks, amazing multimedia presentations, photos, and memorabilia. The group can take a tour of the Graham Family Homeplace which is where Billy Graham resided from the age of nine until he went to college. During the tour, the group will take an intimate look at Graham’s roots. You will see original furniture and fascinating memorabilia. The house is a two-story colonial style brick home. The Memorial Prayer Garden is an area where visitors can enjoy some fresh air and take in the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. The garden is the final resting place of George Beverly Shea, Ruth Bell Graham, and Billie Barrows. Shea was a longtime member of the Billy Graham Crusade. Billie Barrows was a pianist during the early years of the crusade and the wife of Cliff Barrows. The library contains an archive collection for your group to explore. You will find items such as the Sawdust Cross, Graham Wedding Memorabilia, and Billy Graham’s Korean War issued boots. Visitors will also examine fascinating historic documents in the collection.

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