Levine Museum of the New South

During your group visit to Charlotte, you may want to explore the Levine Museum of the New South. It is an interactive history museum that provides visitors with the most comprehensive interpretation of post-Civil War southern society. The New South refers to people, places, and a time period of 1865 to the present day. Your group can explore fascinating exhibits which contain information on men, women, children, and newcomers who have helped shape the south since the war. The museum offers adult group tours for visitors to enjoy. One of the options is known as the New South Journeys Tour. During the tour, your group will travel through the main exhibit which is called Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers. You will learn what happened from the field to the factory with the cotton. The tour is led by a guide and is 45 minutes in length. Another interesting option is known as the African American Historic Highlights tour. During the presentation, visitors will explore the main exhibit and discover information on a variety of subjects. The guide will discuss topics such as the first black textile mill owner, Good Samaritan Hospital’s Chapel, the roots of the sit-in movement, and significant events in the history of African Americans in the Carolina Piedmont area. The Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers exhibit is the nation’s most comprehensive interpretation of post-Civil War history. The exhibit contains 1000 artifacts, images, video clips, music, and oral histories for your group to explore. Your group will have the opportunity to tour six different environments within the exhibit. You will step inside a one-room tenant farmers house, run your hand through a pile of seed cotton, and play checkers on the front porch of a mill house.

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