Chicago Academy of Sciences

The Chicago Academy of Sciences is nearly one hundred twenty years old, almost the age of Chicago itself. When it was founded in 1857, it was the first scientific institution on the scene and it was one of the first museums in the West. Early sites of the Academy were destroyed by fire twice, the second time by the Great Chicago Fire. The building that currently stands was built in 1893 and cost one hundred thousand dollars. It has a classic and professional look to it and is in great condition considering its age and weathering. It was first founded for the “increase and diffusion of scientific knowledge” and has faithfully pursued that goal. The academy’s first attempt at achieving that goal through museum failed miserably, but it did however, do fantastic as a research institute! By the 1990’s the academy was serving over a fourth of Chicago public schools with educational programs and teacher preparation. If you want to see classic architecture and learn the fascinating story of the Chicago Academy of Sciences and how it evolved and changed over the years to become what it is today you need to visit the Chicago Academy of Sciences. Your educational travel group will love seeing the incredible detail and thought put into the impressive building that still stands today. If you find yourself in the Chicago area, don’t forget to swing by and take a look at this amazing and historic building that is sure to impress any young child!

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