Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium Display with Planets

Credit City of Chicago

The Alder Planetarium has all kinds of fun space learning activities for your group to enjoy. Planetary Explorers is a fun exhibit that is sure to excite all visitors. This exhibit has three subsections, Exploring Earth, Exploring Space, and Exploring Planet X. Exploring Earth allows families to explore a home and backyard using electronic magnifying lenses that zoom in and display details on TV monitors. Exploring Space gives children the chance to role play as members of the Mission Control ground team. Families can conduct planetary research by operating rovers and space orbiters. Exploring Planet X lets young adventurers become explorers and research the surface of another planet far away. Caves and tunnels can be explored in search of water and other life. A trip to this planetarium will provide kids with all sorts of fun and factual activities they can participate in to further understand every aspect of space exploration! There is even a virtual exhibit of the universe and how we believe it has evolved over 13.7 billon years, all the way from the Big Bang to modern day. The display of our solar system will put any kid into a state of awe as they study the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids that orbit our source of life, the sun. When you visit the Alder Planetarium, you should prepare for a fun and educational experience that all kids will love. Don’t forget to take pictures! You’ll want to remember a time when your group is as happy as they will be when you visit this planetarium.

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