Chicago Auditorium Theatre

Chicago Auditorium Theatre

Credit Chicago Auditorium Theatre

The Chicago Auditorium Theatre is a miraculous building complete with large murals above the stage and on the ceiling, and the architecture is simply amazing. This auditorium is a large one, it seats 3,553 people and is seven stories tall, and more than half a city block wide. You’ll sure get some exercise finding your seat here! The walking is well worth it, each seat has a fantastic view of a different angle of the performance. This artistic building was the first large and lavish movie palace in America and soon became the prototype for all others. Construction cost nearly four million dollars for this beautiful jewel of a building. Since then it has been leaving visitors breathless with every entry and is called “the Wonder Theatre of the World”. Everything in this building is awe-inspiring, whether you come for the performance or just to look at the building, you are sure to leave pleased with your experience at the Chicago Auditorium Theatre! Visiting this building will be an experience like no other! Rarely are we presented with a building of such magnitude of attractiveness and grace such as this. This is a perfect place for anyone interested in the arts or in architecture to see a real life application of a person’s hard work and dedication, paired up with another person’s willingness to fund such a splendid building! A beautiful building wrapped up in a beautiful city with all kinds of fun and educational opportunities waiting around every corner! What’s not to love?

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