Blue Man Group

Blue Man GroupBlue Man Group is a performance group that combines music, technology, and comedy to create a form of entertainment that appeals to all ages. This innovative and energetic group gives off an experience like no other with each performance! As you may have guessed already, the blue man group is a group of man who paint themselves blue for each performance! The creativity, planning, and precise movements tell a story that is sure to make you laugh! While in the Chicago area, seeing this group perform would be an experience that surpasses that of any other form of music comedy. They are in a category all their own and any traveling group would be lucky to get the opportunity to see a group as talented as this perform live. Your educational travel group would love seeing the emotion expressed through body language and facial expressions. Add a splash of fun while you rest your feet! Your educational group tour will smile at the first sight of the Blue Man Group, and will be amazed at the comedy produced with such uniqueness. When you visit this show, you are almost guaranteed a fun time! Wouldn’t your group love to see a performance as universally comical as this one? Watch with delight as your travel group stares in awe at these strange and hilarious young men. Once you see one show you will want to come back and watch the unique Blue Man Group time and time again, as will your group!

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