Field Museum

field museumThe Field Museum has many astounding attractions! Some of the permanent attractions include SUE the T. rex, the largest, best preserved, and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found. She measures 42 feet long and has 58 lengthy teeth and is a great choice to take a selfie with! Another exhibit is “the Evolving Planet” which showcases four billion years of life on Earth and allows your educational travel group a chance to journey to the dinosaurs. While at the Field Museum, your educational tour group will get the outstanding opportunity to descend into an ancient Egyptian tomb and stare in awe at the Midwest’s largest collection of mummies! You can enter a Maori Meeting House in which actual sacred and religious rituals occurred in the New Zealand and Maori cultures, you can see ceremonial masks and treasures collected a century ago, and you can discover the workings of our human DNA! Your educational travel group will never be faced with the challenge of boredom when you visit a museum as unique and art filled as this! While at this wonderful museum, your travel group may even get the chance to see a 3D movie! Educational movies like Tiny Giants, and Titans of the Ice Age will let your feet rest while your mind runs! The Field Museum is a fantastic museum with all kinds of information to leave your head buzzing with thoughts! Your educational group tour will never forget the time they saw a real mummy and a gigantic dinosaur! If you want a museum that will force smile on a face and a fact into a mind, this is the museum for you!

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