Willis Tower Skydeck

chicago willis tower skydeckVisit the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, the Willis Tower Skydeck, and see if you really are afraid of heights! The daring people in your group have the option to walk into the Ledge’s glass boxes, at a height of 1,353 feet in the air; they extend out 4.3 feet, making it possible to see up to four states! Imagine the fear the window washers must feel being up that high! Thankfully, no one is required to ascend the gigantic building. The building has six, roof mounted robotic window washing machines to tend to the over sixteen thousand windows displayed on this huge and miraculous building! Your educational travel group will have the amazing opportunity to see the world from a bird’s eye view! This place is open all year round and is full of interactive exhibits. While you are here, your group can read the autobiographies of people as famous as Oprah Winfrey! Your educational travel group will love the beautiful architecture and surroundings of the building. While inside, the building sets off an overall feel of optimism and pride for the human race. This is an experience that will heighten your love for the visual appealing. This would be a great place to visit for any art students, photography groups, aspiring designers, and rising architects! Seeing the world through the Ledge’s glass will brighten the day of everyone around you and is sure to be something you won’t soon forget! Join the twenty-five thousand people who visit the Willis Tower Skydeck daily!

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