U.S.S. Cod

While your group is in Cleveland, you should visit the U.S.S. Cod Submarine. There are a few exhibits that are on display for visitors to view. The submarine was launched on March 21, 1943. The vessel saw five tours of duty during World War II and was credited for sinking 12 enemy ships. It is now a memorial to 4,000 U.S. marines. On the shore beside the submarine are some interesting exhibits on display for your group to examine. You will find things such as a Mark 14 steam driven torpedo, a 2,080lb five-bladed propeller, and a vintage 1950s periscope. The torpedo is the same kind that was used during World War II. The five-bladed propeller is the same kind that was used on the U.S.S. Cod. The periscope is aimed at the port of Cleveland. The group can climb aboard the submarine and explore several areas within the ship. During the tour, you will see areas such as the Pump Room, the Conning Tower, the Control Room, the Galley Deck, the Maneuvering Room, and the Engine Room. The Pump Room is located below the deck in the Control Room. It contains the pumps and motors responsible for shifting water in the submarine or pumping it overboard. You will also have the opportunity to see the Deck Guns on the tour. They were primarily used for protection against aircraft but were also used against small surface targets. The Conning Tower houses both search and attack periscopes, the firing buttons for the 10 torpedo tubes, and the helm.

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