Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-and-museum-lightsAre you a fan of rock and roll music? If so, during the visit to Cleveland, your adult group should explore the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. There are a variety of exhibits and archives for visitors to explore. The museum also has fascinating educational programs to offer the group as part of the experience. It is the world’s only museum that is devoted to the celebration and preservation of rock and roll music. The museum has seven floors of interesting exhibits to observe. The exhibits use film, video, music, and interactive kiosks to educate visitors. One of the exhibits is known as Cities and Sounds which is a collection of artifacts and historic videos dealing with specific time periods in various cities and explores rock and roll’s early years. You will find information on cities such as Memphis, Detroit, London, and San Francisco. Another exhibit is called The Roots of Rock and Roll: Blues, Gospel, Country/Folk/Bluegrass/R&B, which consists of a variety of artifacts and brief bios of key artists. Your group can also participate in educational programs. One of the options is known as Song Writers to Soundmen. During the program, you will get an inside look at aspects of the music business that are often concealed from view. Another option is known as the Legends Series which brings in some of rock and roll’s biggest names for an intimate interview session and occasionally, even impromptu performances. During the experience, the group will have the opportunity to ask questions. You will learn about the history and the influence of rock and roll from those individuals who have created this amazing music.

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