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No rehearsals, no scripts, no memorized lines, that’s how Comedy Sportz performs. When you visit this performance, you will get the chance to provide the actors with the topic on which they create their comedy show! Comedy Sportz is an interesting improv show in which two teams battle for your laughter! Each show is driven by audience suggestion and interaction, which means each and every show is different! The best part, you decide who wins! Every night brings a different show, so there’s no reason to miss a chance to see Comedy Sportz in action! Don’t miss your exciting opportunity to see a show USA Today called “Innovative and hilarious”. This is a family friendly show that anyone would love to see! Comedy Sportz is a performance that is sure to make anyone crack a smile! This is a wonderful performance you can only truly enjoy if you see it live, so make no excuse to miss seeing the Comedy Sportz improv group perform right before your very eyes. Suggest anything you would like to see turned into a comedy skit and you will not be disappointed! This experienced and hilarious group will be a favorite in your visit to the Chicago city. Never before and never again will you see a group of people that work harder to make you laugh! Watch the way these talented comedians play off each other in a way that can only be described as experience and talent. This will be a refreshing addition to your travel experience.

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