With names like Bulls Ridge, Falls Village, St. Johns Ledges and Pine Swamp how can a hike through the Appalachian Mountains be anything less than natural? As always, the trail is maintained with the utmost care to preserve its beauty and natural habitat and ecosystem. Many of the hikes are 4 – 10 miles, which for most hikers can be done in one day. Be sure to slow down and enjoy flora and fauna. So many incredible wildflowers bloom in the deep darkness of the forest and few take the opportunity to search it out. The Wood Anemone can be seen in abundance throughout much of the trail. These naturalized plants can’t be purchased anywhere so enjoy them on the hike. What a treasure.

All who travel the wilderness of the A.T are encouraged to clean up after any who violate the code of the trail; keep it natural and keep it wilderness. Trash left behind should be disposed of. When nature calls hikers should step off the trail and bury all waste so the essence of the A.T. is never disturbed or destroyed. When planning a hike across the A.T. check out the many helpful websites before traveling to educate self prior to the trip. Volunteer efforts are generally coordinated by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) organization. Feel free to contact them for information when planning your trip.

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