DEA Museum

The DEA Museum is located in Arlington, VA, near the Pentagon City Mall. It welcomes those 10 years of age and over to come to the location. Their mission is to educate visitors on the history of the Drug Enforcement Administration and on the impact of drug addiction from the past to the present day. Some featured exhibits include: Illegal Drugs in America, Good Medicine, Bad Behavior, as well as virtual exhibits. Illegal Drugs in America exhibit depicts the story of the history of drugs in the United States. The U.S. Drug Enforcement administration was founded in 1973. The agency was created to enforce federal drug laws. Today the biggest challenge for the DEA is to control the dramatic change with regard to organized crime. Good Medicine, Bad Behavior, emphasizes drug diversion in the United States. Specifically, the exhibit explores the issue of prescription substance abuse and how it is gripping America today. It is interactive and Features include the following: recreations of period pharmacies, depictions of significant cases, and displays illustrating the impact of these substances on the human body. There is also a resources section available for visitors to gain more information on this important subject. You may take literature home from this part of the exhibit. Rogue internet pharmacies are also highlighted in the display. The group will come out of the DEA Museum with a further understanding of drug abuse in our country both in the past and the current issues that are taking place today.

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