Dearly Departed

While your adult group is in Los Angeles, you should check out the Dearly Departed Tours Museum, which has memorabilia related to the deaths of famous celebrities. You will have the opportunity to explore the gallery and take one of the tours they offer during the visit. There are a variety of tour options for you to enjoy. Participants can take tours such as The Tragical History Tour, the Hollywood Movie Tour, the Horror Film Location Tour, the CarpenTour, and the Helter Skelter Tour. The Tragical History Tour is a multimedia bus tour. During the experience, visitors will travel to different homes and locations throughout Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the Sunset Strip where your favorite celebrities have died. Participants will see death places of people such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Rebecca Schaeffer, and Dominique Dunne. The team will also learn about forgotten stars whose demise is nothing less than spectacular. During the Hollywood Movie Tour, the group will journey through the streets of Hollywood where you will discover some of the most memorable locations that have been featured on the silver screen. Participants will see film locations such as the Green Hornet, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Chinatown, Ed Wood, Get Shorty, The Italian Job, Sunset Boulevard, National Lampoon’s Vacation, L.A. Confidential, Charlie’s Angels, and Galaxy Quest. The Horror Film Tour takes place during the month of October. The guide will be decked out in Michael Myers gear. You will pose with them at various film locations as the films play on the company’s movie theater on wheels. Participants will see locations from films such as Halloween (1978 and 2007), Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Ed Wood (1994, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), and Zombieland.

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