Don Strange Ranch Adventure Course

Established in 1998, Don Strange Ranch Adventure Challenge Course has been a leading zip line course in the San Antonio area for nearly twenty years. From team building exercises to group fun days, the Don Strange Adventure experience is one that shouldn’t be missed by any group desiring a fun, exciting day in the outdoors.

Regular zip line courses for general adventures average at 350 to 400 feet in length at varying heights. Get a short briefing from the staff and then you’re on your way to the many wooden platforms before you shoot off through the Texas woods high above the ground.

Team building adventures are great for groups of colleagues and associates and small businesses desiring an adventure to bring the group together. Watch as your group enjoys the course, helping each other to the next station, and “step out of their personal comfort zone and into a learning zone” as Don Strange puts it. Team building adventures last approximately four hours and include rope courses either low or high, or even both depending on your preferences.

Group fun days make the Don Strange Ranch the perfect destination for groups of any size. Start off with zip line courses or take the Adventure Challenge course, do some catch and release fishing, have a chili cook off, compete in the Cowboy Olympics or armadillo races, feed the longhorn cattle, and watch a live rodeo all on the Don Strange Ranch. This is more than just a zip lining course but a group experience to be shared!

There is no age or weight requirement although there are some restrictions to participating on the zip line courses. Pregnant women will not be allowed to zip line and youth under 18 must have a parent sign a release before they participate.

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