The stated mission of The Exploratorium, brainchild and pet project of rogue physicist and educator Frank Oppenheimer is to “Change the way the world learns.” Described as the most significant science museum to open in the 20th century and characterized as a scientific funhouse, a mad man’s penny arcade, and experimental lab, all in one, the Exploratorium today is an out-of-this-world learning laboratory. The groundbreaking nature of its exhibits and self-identification as a center for informal learning has earned the facility the great distinction of being recognized as a prototype for participatory museums the world over. Indulge your child-like curiosity and learn as you wander-gawk, dawdle, play and tinker your way through six amazing galleries displaying over 600 crazily engaging interactive exhibits- come prepared to explore and experiment your way to an easier understanding of the amazing world we live in. From the mundane to the absurd-the world is your oyster and a fresh awareness of everything in it, at your disposal. Accompany Sun Artist Bob Miller on a light walk; recreate a summer rainstorm or dissect a cow’s eye; explore the briny deep, interpret ancient text, understand “triboluminescence”, and search for life in other galaxies. Careful – the intensive care and feeding of your group’s inquiring minds may leave your bodies famished; Seaglass Café, a fabulous, casual waterfront venue serves up a creative, delightfully fresh and locally-sourced seasonal organic menu of “upscale” cafeteria and diner favorites sure to satisfy the most discerning explorer’s palate.

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