Fields of Freedom Film

The Gateway Theater located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, features a one-of-a-kind film titled Fields of Freedom. The film is 30 minutes long and was produced for 7 million dollars. The production is about the third and final day of the famous Battle of Gettysburg that occurred in 1863. The movie features a voiceover of former president George H. W. Bush reading stories written by soldiers’ in their journals. The film is shown on two, three story tall screens in order to fully submerge the group into the graphic documentary experience. A riveting score, Pickett’s Charge is performed by the London Symphony Orchestra’s amazing music. The digital screens are the largest in the United States. Gettysburg is the only place you can see this movie. The film also features a portion of the Gettysburg Address. This stop on the group tour will enhance your historical experience! Call and book your trip today!

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