There are activities planned almost every day or weekly by groups and organizations who love the Appalachian Trail and work to keep it as natural and seemingly untouched as possible. The GATC or Georgia Appalachian Trail Club has many opportunities for individuals and groups to be involved in cleaning, clearing and restoring the trail. The GATC works hand in hand with the conservation department and preservationists so future generations can enjoy the same hiking that we do now. Your group can enjoy a hike up Lookout Mountain (Skuyuka Springs) and on to the top of Sunset Rock for a great view of the Tennessee River. Take a 4.5 mile hike in a nature preserve and end in Gwinnet for lunch or shopping at a local mall. For those who want to volunteer, plan a day on R-Ranch Trail doing trail maintenance in the morning, then join with the other workers for a picnic lunch. Cool off with a seven-mile float. Take a swim from a rock in the middle of the river, have lunch on an oh-so-private sandy beach, and paddle your kayak along with your guide. Georgia has some of the best hiking and scenic views on the Appalachian Trail.

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