Grapevine Ginner’s Cotton Museum

The Grapevine Ginner’s Cotton Museum is located in Grapevine, Texas. It is located inside a ca. 1910 house. The museum features hands on activities and chronicles the era when cotton was king. There are two other museums located within the same building. Locations include the following: The Donald Schoolhouse, and The Keeling House Museum. The Donald Schoolhouse is a ca. 1900 school building that developed on the Grape Vine Prairie. The school was first held in a log cabin and now is a modern district. The Keeling House Museum is located inside a ca. 1888 historic home. It chronicles how the city of Grape Vine was developed. Visitors will see old time police and fire treasures as well as other city of Grape Vine historical artifacts. Your group will discover a working 1881 Chandler and Price Press. The group can take a tour of the Cotton Museum. Come with your group and visit these fascinating historical destinations!

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