Griffith Park

During your group tour to Los Angeles, you should consider stopping by Griffith Park. They offer several outdoor activities. Visitors can also enjoy a few attractions as part of the experience. During your visit, the team can participate in entertaining outdoor activities. You and your group mates can do things such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, swimming, golf, and tennis. If your group decides to take a hike, one of the most rewarding trails is the one that goes from the Observatory Parking Lot to the summit of Mount Hollywood. Mount Hollywood is known to be the tallest peak in the park. Visitors will enjoy breathtaking views of the entire Los Angeles Basin. The park also contains marked trails, fire and patrol roads for those who enjoy horseback riding. Group members can walk, trot, or canter the horses. Griffith Park has other entertaining attractions for guests to enjoy. You will find places such as the Autry National Center, the Greek Theater, Griffith Park Southern Railroad, the Griffith Observatory, and the Los Angeles Zoo. The Autry National Center is a museum which is dedicated to the exploration and sharing of the stories, experiences, and perceptions of the diverse peoples of the American West. The museum has various exhibits and presents public programs in areas such as film, theater, lectures, and other special events. When group members visit the Griffith Park Observatory, you will have the opportunity to observe interesting exhibits, look through telescopes, watch live shows, and enjoy fantastic views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign.

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