Guinness World Records Museum

When your adult group travels to Gatlinburg, you may want to explore the Guinness World Records Museum which is part of Ripley’s Believe it Or Not. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the book come to life through interactive displays, videos, games, and trivia. The group can walk through the museum at their own pace and look at the various records that have been achieved in categories such as sports, space, animals, food, and human achievement. There are also themed galleries in the museum. The Guinness World Records Museum has over 1,200 fascinating exhibits for you to explore. Your group can see TV’s most famous car, Elvis’s one and only Hounddog Boat, the Longest Motorcycle, and memorabilia from other famous singers and sports figures. You can find out about the World’s Tallest Man, the World’s Oldest Man, and the World’s Heaviest Man. You will also learn about the Most Expensive Box of Chocolates that was ever purchased. Visitors will also get to examine artifacts pertaining to astronauts and outer space. The record games are entertaining and interactive. If you like Michael Jackson, the museum has a Thriller display for you to explore. If you enjoy interesting activities, you can try the computerized Stretchiest Skin activity. During the activity, you will take a photo of yourself and then stretch your skin out long and see how far it will expand. There is also a secret warehouse that has the World’s Smallest Bicycle. The group may also want to test your knowledge by playing some trivia games during the visit. You could spend several hours at the attraction if you choose to read all of the information displayed on the walls.

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