Historic Yorktown Battlefield

The Historic Yorktown Battlefield is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. The battle that took place at the location was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War. On October 19 1781, Charles Cornwallis surrendered which effectively ended the war and insured independence. Featured sites include: The siege, Yorktown National Cemetery, Victory Monument, the Moore House, Surrender Field, and the Nelson House in Yorktown. The Moore House is the place where two officers from the American and French Forces and the British Armies met to come up with a plan of surrender. The group can also observe   a cannon firing demonstration at Lamb’s Artillery. The demonstration features a volunteer living history gun crew that represents Colonel Lamb’s artillery regiment. The crew conducts periodic firing demonstrations with a reproduction 18-century siege gun, commemorating the merit and distinction which was displayed by Lamb’s Artillery during the siege at Yorktown. Colonel Lamb was born in 1735. Come visit this iconic historic site with your group today!

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