Holocaust Museum

Tour a museum with cultural significance and historical importance at St. Louis’s Holocaust Museum. The museum was established in 1995 by the Jewish Federation of St. Louis by leaders and Holocaust survivors with the intention of preserving the history of the Jewish people’s terrible struggle and remembering the sacrifices of those who perished. Walk through the facility and experience the painful past, the hardships and discriminations culminating in the genocide of the Jewish people, and the final hopeful liberation and justice after the war’s end.

Tour the 5,000 square foot interactive museum’s many photos, visuals, audio, text, and artifacts from the camps, historical records, and survivors. Learn about the chronological history from pre-war Jewish life in Europe to the rise of Nazi power and the Holocaust which lasted from 1933-1945. Follow the events post-war at the Nuremberg trials and Jewish life in Europe after World War II. Experience the popular and poignant new exhibit, Change Begins With Me – Confronting Hate, Discrimination and Ethnic Conflict which explores post-Holocaust hate and prejudice issues.

For more information, peruse the video library including more than 500 titles or the 150 personal testimonies from survivors. Attend the monthly film series, lectures, events, teacher-training workshops, or the annual reading of the names at the Yom HaSoah Community Commemoration. The museum bookstore stocks informational texts for further study and employees are available to answer questions. After your tour, stop by the Garden of Remembrance for tranquil meditation to recall those who were lost.

Guided tours may be booked in advance and the museum is, of course, available for self-guided tours for groups and individuals. Audio tours are available for self-paced tours with informational guidance.

Bring your group to a meaningful, educational, and interesting interactive museum where the past is remembered with heartache and hope for a better future.

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