Los Angeles Zoo

Ever rocked out with a Rock Hyrax or chilled with a Crested Oropendula? Surely, now, you’ve encountered a Lowland Anoa in your travels! Behold the formidable Fossa; what does he eat, and where does he hail from? The almost-eternally sunny climate of the Big Orange affords the 133 acre Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens the opportunity to grow much of the shelter and browse (“salad,” in guest-speak!) that the contented, healthy and well-fed zoo inhabitants enjoy and thrive on; the “plant rescue center” salvages and rehabilitates  rare and endangered kidnapped species confiscated from lawless individuals engaged in their illegal import. A fun fact that will appeal to the young at heart: the Los Angeles Zoo’s enchanting “Conservation Carousel” is the third best in the nation- where else can you sit astride a hand carved and painted armadillo or perch upon a komodo dragon and twirl to your heart’s content to retro-cool Cali tunes in the heart of “wild domain?” Lovers of lizards and friends of frogs will want to step inside *The Lair* and meet some of the world’s rarest, most brilliantly colorful reptiles and amphibians showcased in painstakingly-recreated “natural” environments; dare you enter Betty’s Bite and Squeeze Room? Trek the lush Red Ape Rain Forest; encounter the enchanting Elephants of Asia; visit dozens of endangered-to-critically endangered residents, each precious species on the brink of survival, now perfectly content to call the Zoo home! The philanthropists among you may wish to consider the mutual benefits of adopting a zoo resident-proceeds aid the ongoing participation in global conservation efforts; naming an animal allows you to contribute to the “animal acquisition fund” which promotes vital wildlife preservation and breeding projects here and around the world! Located at the junction of the I-5 (Golden Gate) and the 134 freeways, this magnificent menagerie is directly across from The Autry Museum of Western Heritage and is open Sun-Mon, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Psssst: don’t forget to say hello to the hissing Madegascar cockroach!

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