Madame Tussauds, D.C.

Madame Tussauds is located in Washington, DC. This location is a museum that gives visitors access to historical figures through up-close and personal interaction. They also have a Sports zone where people can play Golf or Baseball while standing alongside famous athletes. Guests can also mingle with some famous celebrities as well. Some themed rooms and Galleries include the following: The Presidents Gallery, the Civil Rights gallery, Behind the Scenes, Glamour Room, and the Media Room. The Presidents Gallery is an exhibit that displays all forty-four U.S. presidents. It is interactive, exciting, and educational all at the same time. The Gallery is comprised of fourteen highly themed and immersive rooms. The group will learn about the history of the United States of America through the lives of its iconic leaders. Behind the Scenes gives you a glimpse into the artistry known as wax sculpting. Visitors will learn about Madame Tussauds 250 year-old trade secrets in wax sculpting techniques that are still used in modern-day productions of so many life-like creations. You can see Madame Tussaud herself (in wax of course) sculpting the head of Benjamin Franklin. Finally take the step and become immortalized by dipping your hands in wax.

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