Marine Science Center

During your group visit to Daytona Beach Florida, you may want to explore the Marine Science Center. There are fascinating exhibits and interactive displays. They also offer group tours as part of the experience. You can also enjoy the boardwalk and other nature trails as well take in the view from the observation tower. There is a fascinating exhibit gallery at the Marine Science Center where you will find interactive displays and many interesting animals. One of the exhibits is the Bird Observation Tower which is where your group will have the opportunity to take in the view of the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and several birds in the sky. The group will observe birds such as terns, osprey, pelicans, bald eagles, and herons. Another interesting exhibit is known as Turtle Terrace which is where visitors will observe injured sea turtles as they are receiving specialized care. There is posted information which explains each turtles, identification and diagnosis. The group can take part in a variety of adult programs throughout the year where you will learn about the various animals and their different habitats. There are programs such as Shark Biology, the Introduction to Birds, and Squid Dissection. They take place a few times a month and include lectures and lab activities. The group will also have the opportunity to look at birds in the Mary Keller Seabird Rehabilitation Sanctuary. It was named after Mary Keller who has been dedicated to treating sick and injured birds for 30 years. When a bird is healthy, they are released into their natural habitat however; some of them become ambassadors for their species and are featured in educational programs. The sanctuary opened in June of 2004.

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