The Mary Kay Museum

The Mary Kay Museum is located in Dallas, Texas. The museum is a tribute to Mary Kay Ash who was one of the most successful business women of her time. Visitors will find a rich and fascinating history as they take a walk through the location. Your group can take a tour of the facility. You may also go to the Museum Theater and listen to motivational speeches given by Mary Kay Ash whose legacy continues to inspire women for generations. The tour offered at the Mary Kay Museum is self-guided. You can get information at the front desk in the building. The location contains the Mary Kay Restaurant. Featured food items include the following: fresh salad, sandwiches, a variety of other entrees, and delicious gourmet desserts. The Mary Kay Museum was established in 1963. Visitors can view displays and travel through 30 years of history. There are also rewards that Mary Kay was known to bestow. These include the following: diamond pins, diamond rings, cars and the top prize given which is the Pink Cadillac. Come visit this fascinating location and learn more about the woman who has helped millions of women all over the country.

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