Missouri Civil War Museum

When you are visiting St. Louis, make sure to stop by one of the top three museums in the city and the best Civil War museum in the state. The Missouri Civil War Museum features historical artifacts and an unbiased narrative told from archival evidence, weapons, equipment, possessions, and uniforms from the soldiers. Everyone in your group will be interested and educated by the plethora of Civil War information.

Located in the renovated Jefferson Barracks, the museum’s facility is even a historical landmark. Built in 1904, the barracks’ original use was as a military athletic center but it was converted in World War I to be used as a barracks. In 2002, the museum was formed in the refurbished building.

Open daily, the museum is a perfect destination for groups of 15-50 people, from military groups to Boy Scout troops and school trips. Employees are available to answer questions and provide enlightened input on Civil War events and the museum’s artifacts. Tour the exhibits featuring artifacts and informational visual aids on your self-guided exploration.

The Missouri Civil War Museum also sponsors research and the Civil War Studies Center is currently collecting Civil War photographs and documents. Their mission is to eventually gather information on every Missouri soldier to have on file. They are also collecting video, audio, magazines, and books on Civil War topics for their study center to better educate the interested individual and avid researcher.

For more things to do, take a short walk down to the Jefferson Barracks Park and National Cemetery to peruse and salute the fallen soldiers and take in the lovely scenery. While you are in St. Louis, take advantage of this opportunity to learn about one of the nation’s most defining wars, the young men who made up the Missouri regiments, and the battles they fought.

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