Mount Desert Island

Mount Desert Island combines the mountains with the ocean and has been proclaimed by many as the most beautiful place they have ever seen. With so many hiking trails and shorelines, your group should have a picnic on the large rocks facing the ocean and watch the incredible sprays when the tide comes in hitting the rocks. It is beautiful. Watch out for the sea gulls as they will happily snap up your food. Take a drive around the Loop Road and stop in the parking area for Otter Point. At Otter Point you will see the tide coming in and the surf crashing against the huge boulders. The sight is awe-inspiring. If you are courageous you can climb down close to the water to examine the tide pools. A visit to Bar Harbor for lobster is in order. If your visit is in the summer, stop at the Village Green bandstand to enjoy a concert or go to the 1932 Criterion Movie Theater for a show. At low tide your group can walk or dive across the bay to Bar Island, be sure to check the tide schedule so you don’t get stranded. Acadia National Park offers experiences in sight and sound that can’t be found any where else. Enjoy your visit.

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