Paley Center for Media

When your adult group takes a trip to Los Angeles, you should consider visiting the Paley Center for Media which was formerly known as the Museum of Television and Radio. Group members will see a fascinating collection of artifacts related to television and other media. They also offer educational programs for the team to experience. Visitors of all ages will enjoy visiting this popular attraction. There are several exhibits at the Paley Center for Media for the group to examine. You will find exhibitions which include Television Out of the Box, JFK Assassination and TV: Lesser-Known Facts and Thoughts, The 9/11 Special Collection, The Live Coverage of the March on Washington, and Nick ‘90s: All That, and More, for the Children of the Nineties. The 9/11 Special Collection contains 1000 hours of coverage from broadcasters all over the world. There are 50 countries represented by this collection which includes locations such as Cuba, China, Iran, Australia and the only HD report of the event that was captured on Japanese Television. Television Out of the Box is an entertaining multi-media exhibit at the museum. At the exhibit, group members can check out highlights from various shows such as the Bugs Bunny Show, The Big Bang Theory, The Closer, and the Mentalist. Guests will find costumes, props, photos, set pieces, and video clips that are part of the exhibition. The museum has a research room where your group can listen to television and radio shows for research and entertainment. There are staff members available to assist the adult group as needed. Group members will also have access to the museum’s extensive library database.

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