National Cryptologic Museum

The National Cryptologic Museum is located next to the National Security Agency’s Headquarters, in Baltimore, Maryland. The location opened in December of 1993. It features exhibits, tours, and the Museum Library. This location is the only Cryptology Museum in the nation.¬†While visiting, you will find several fascinating exhibits to observe. These include the following: the 18th Century Cipher Device Exhibit, African American Experience Exhibit, the Biometrics Exhibit, the American Civil War Exhibit, American Revolutionary War: Revolutionary Secrets, Cold War: GRAB II Elint Satellite Exhibit, and Cold War: USS Liberty Exhibit. The African American Experience Exhibit features influential African American senior advisers that worked in the field of cryptology. The Biometrics Exhibit focuses on biometric technology which is a way for a person’s identity to be authenticated. The national Security Agency plays a role in the research of biometric technology as it relates to gaining access to sensitive information. Examples of biometrics include fingerprinting, facial recognition, and voice recognition.

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