Museum of Crime & Punishment

National Museum of Crime &  Punishment Car DisplayThe Crime and Punishment Museum is located in Washington, D.C. It is also known as the Crime Museum. The exhibits and activities that are available focus on the history of crime, and crime Scene investigation. All of the exhibits are interactive in nature. The museum has several galleries throughout the facility. They include: A Notorious History of American Crime, Punishment: The Consequence of Crime, Crime Fighting, and Crime Scene Investigation. A Notorious History of American Crime is a gallery that gives visitors a glimpse into the evolution of crime and the criminal through the ages. It begins with the medieval knights and greedy pirates and continues with the gun-slingers of the old American West. The gallery also displays crime in today specifically white-collar criminals that hide behind a computer screen and are able to steal a person’s identity. Punishment: The Consequence of Crime involves the group gaining first-hand experience in the severity of a criminal’s punishment when caught. Features include: a booking room, mug shots, and a Lie Detector Test.

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