Niagara Adventure Theatre

Niagara Falls Adventure Theater

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Any group wishing a more comprehensive Niagara Falls history lesson than self-guided wandering might deliver will definitely want to include a stop at this popular educational attraction in Niagara Falls State Park in New York on their Upstate itinerary. Your fellow excursionists shouldn’t need too much convincing to take a well-deserved break from hours of serious hiking, sightseeing and exploring and step inside, where a truly exciting and absolutely immersive Niagara Falls experience awaits! From the air conditioned comfort of your choice of 314 stadium seats you are regaled with boatloads of fascinating Falls information, legend and lore that would take more than a lifetime of steadfast adventuring to amass! You’ll want to hold onto your hats as “Legends of Adventure” comes whooshing to life on a fabulous 45-foot screen while the thunderous and unmistakable roar of the iconic Niagara Falls is delivered through deafeningly realistic digital Dolby surround-sound. Experience for yourselves all the mist, myths and mysteries of one of the most magnificent and storied natural wonders of the world during this spectacular 30-minute presentation showing on the hour at the new Niagara Adventure Movie Theater located on the bottom floor of the Niagara Falls State Park Visitor Center. A stop by Niagara Adventure is an unforgettable piece of every group’s Upstate excursion; to date, more than fourteen million visitors have come away with an enhanced perception and knowledge of the region, a magical place of grand historic, scientific and geographic significance. Complimentary headsets for French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean and German languages and wheelchair accessible seating are available.

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