Cave & Underground Boat Ride

Plucky itinerants visiting Upstate New York wanting to see and do it all while touring the region will appreciate the fact this landmark attraction is just a 30 minute jaunt from magnificent world wonder Niagara Falls (via Route 31 East) in Lockport, New York. Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride ushers groups wanting to get to the heart of local landmark legend and lore on informative and exciting 70-minute guided tours through America’s industrial history. Guests will explore the famous Flight of Five Locks, visit notorious haunted ruins from an earlier industrial age and amble through an unbelievable 1600 foot tunnel blasted out of solid rock in the 1800s. America’s longest underground boat ride ushers you and your group through a dimly lit portion of the raceway that once supplied water to power three industries; you will study fascinating geological formations at all stages of development and marvel at intriguing artifacts left behind by men of iron constitution whos backbreaking labor built this magnificent passageway in the early days of the iconic Erie Canal. The fun and informational Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride is guided at a leisurely stop and go pace and is primarily a walking tour that includes stairs; it is not handicapped accessible and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Hourly tours start at the ticket office, located in downtown Lockport at 5 Gooding Street next to the Pine Street bridge overlooking the Erie Canal and Lockport Locks. Grab your group and prepare to experience history come to life along the Erie Canal on this popular expedition through time and spooky space!

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