National Helicoptor

National Helicopters, Niagara’s premier heli-touring company invites invites adventurous groups on Upstate getaway to enjoy the stunning scenery from the best seat in the sky! Fantastic aerial tours treat guests wanting that little “something extra” to a breathtaking eagle’s eye perspective of the Falls and surrounding countryside, rich with historic landmarks and points of interest; tour the area’s renowned wine country or fly over Lake Ontario and the Falls at Sunset; see it all in a way unimaginable from the ground! A variety of magnificent tour options and a tempting schedule of special land/air packages-from casual fun to  perfectly posh-promise clients the most personal and comprehensive view of the very  best of iconic Niagara Falls; National’s capable, friendly staff and pilots ensure your group a safe, exciting and amazing, narrated voyage from start to finish. Fly somewhere-anywhere-over the misty rainbow on your National Helicopter Niagara Tour! Champagne, anyone?

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